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Hear what those have transitioned have to passdown.

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Listen to the Tribe!

Welcome to our community! We invite you to listen to the inspiring stories and experiences of our tribe members as they navigate their journey of transition and reintegration into the community. We hope that these resources provide you with valuable insights, support, and encouragement as you embark on your own journey. Remember, you’re not alone – we are here to listen and share experiences with you. Enjoy listening to the tribe! Here are some links where you can find their stories

~The Tribe

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  1. RTR M2V EP40 Michelle Black Sacrifice and Resilience
  2. RTR M2V EP39 Rich Lamonica The MisfitNation
  4. RTR M2V EP38: Greg Renick – Marketing Yourself
  5. RTR M2V EP37 Dr. Luther Carter 🇺🇸🎙️From Dixie to Doctor

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